Journey to the Okavango

Journey to the Okavango

Most people who have their sights set on exploring Botswana opt to do so through the country's remote and harsh landscapes in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. It’s the logical thing to do. Not us though. We’re always looking for an adventure that challenges us so we decided to take on Botswana the best way we know how, on motorcycles.

The biggest appeal for us to go into Botswana is the country's remoteness, abundance of diverse ecosystems and wildlife in its national parks and reserves. Few places in the world exist like this where you can ride down a public road and come across a herd of elephants, buffalo, lions and giraffes. Outside of ‘self-driving’ options through the country there are so many other way to experience Botswana’s wildlife; helicopter flights, game drives with experienced guides, bush walks and even boat cruises along the Zambezi River.

The possibilities are endless as to what you’ll see in Botswana and we experienced it all on our 10 day motorcycle and safari adventure with Bonafide Moto Co.

When planning this adventure we found we were limited in terms of where motorcycles are actually allowed to go in the country. With a large portion of the country being allocated to national parks that have the Big 5, motorcycles are not permitted. So we were tasked to find a route that essentially would circumnavigate the country through a mix of long tar roads, some sand roads, 2 tracks through dense bush and roads that skimmed across one of the largest salt pans in the world.

The challenges we faced along the way really pushed us as riders and as individuals. We battled extreme heat, tough riding conditions and thankfully very few mechanical issues to slow us down. As hard as some of the days may have been for us; these are the types of adventures we live for and it’s how life long bonds are formed.

Here’s some of our highlights from Journey to the Okavango:

Chobe National Park

No motorcycle riding through here! Chobe National Park, nestled along the banks of the Chobe River in northern Botswana, stands as a crown jewel in Africa's safari destinations, providing an unparalleled wildlife experience. Renowned for its staggering population of elephants, the park offers a spectacle of large herds bathing and drinking along the riverbanks, creating an iconic African panorama. In addition to the elephants, Chobe boasts a diverse array of fauna, including buffalo, giraffe, hippos, and an impressive variety of bird species. Riders can explore the park's rich biodiversity through game drives, boat safaris, and guided walks.

Hunters Road

This road traces the border between Botswana and Zimbabwe which weaves through the untamed beauty of Southern Africa, revealing a landscape rich in both history and natural wonders. This off-the-beaten-path trail, aptly named after the pioneering spirit of early hunters and explorers, immerses adventurers in the raw essence of the African wilderness. As you navigate Hunter's Road, the terrain transitions from dusty savannahs to riverine landscapes, offering glimpses of diverse ecosystems and wildlife that characterize the region. The road whispers stories of the past, reflecting the journeys of those who once treaded upon its tracks.

Kubu Island and Nwetwe Pan

Nestled within the expansive salt pans of Makgadikgadi, Kubu Island in Botswana is a surreal oasis that captivates with its otherworldly charm. Dotted with ancient baobab trees, the rocky outcrop serves as a natural landmark, offering panoramic views of the surrounding lunar-like landscape. Adjacent to Kubu Island, the vast Nwetwe Pan, a seasonal salt flat, unveils a mesmerizing stretch of open terrain where the interplay of light and shadow transforms the landscape, creating a stark yet captivating tableau of Botswana's dynamic natural beauty.

Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta in Botswana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a sprawling oasis of life amidst the Kalahari Desert. Navigating its labyrinthine waterways on a traditional makoro boat is an enchanting experience, allowing travelers to glide silently through the pristine channels while observing the delta's diverse wildlife. From the elevated perspective of a makoro, one can witness the intricate dance of reeds, vibrant birdlife, and occasionally, the majestic movements of larger mammals, creating an immersive journey through this unparalleled wetland wilderness.

The Bonafide Spirit of adventure

To us, adventures come with ups and downs along the way. Some days are easy, while others will challenge you. Either way, you’ll reach your journey's end with a feeling of real accomplishment.

Bonafide Moto Co. adventures are carefully designed to encapsulate the true spirit of adventure travel. They take you along paths unknown, push the limits of your skills, make you work for your reward – and most of all, bring like-minded people together.

If you’re looking for a life-changing motorcycle adventure that will challenge you, make you part of a team, and help you grow as an individual – this is your next adventure!

Join us in 2024 on this unparalleled 10-day off-road motorcycle adventure through Botswana, where every twist of the trail reveals a new facet of this extraordinary land. Unleash your spirit of exploration and make memories that will resonate long after the dust settles on the untamed paths of Botswana.