How to wash your riding gear

How to wash your riding gear

Good riding gear is an investment worth every penny. Quality motorcycle gear will last for a long time if you take good care of it, especially when it comes to washing, cleaning, and maintenance. Here at Fuel, we have gear for every season and weather, and we know they sometimes go through rough conditions.   


With each Fuel garment you buy, you receive care instructions. But we want to dig deeper into how to look after each piece of clothing to make it last longer, keep it looking great, and keeping you comfortable.

Cleaning your riding pants

Your riding pants have most likely been through a lot: dirt, dust, and smoke makes regular cleaning necessary. On a regular basis we need to get rid of the dirt and grime and make them look their best.

Before washing your riding pants, make sure to remove any protection or armor. Close any zippers and hook-and-loop fixtures in order not to damage any other fabrics in your garment. Turn the pants inside out, and wash them with similar colors. Do not use bleach, chlorine, or fabric softener, and do not tumble dry; instead, allow it to air dry. Dry cleaning is not recommended.

Extending the life of your leather gloves

Leather and suede gear acquire an appealing patina with time, but their maintenance is of the essence. To take the best care possible of your leather and suede items, such as the Fuel leather gloves, follow these steps to keep them clean and looking great.

If your leather items are very dirty, treat them first with a specialized leather cleaning product such as a leather cleaning soap or saddle shampoo (or soap), following the instructions on the product. Use a soft microfiber cloth and clean with circular motions, applying pressure very lightly. 

Suede is a more sensitive material than leather. For any day-to-day stains, use a gum eraser or a suede brush. 

For a fresh finish, use a suede caring spray, and leave it to dry on a padded hanger for the moisture to evaporate.

Leather items should never be soaked in water or washed in a washing machine or a steam dryer. If you have doubts or feel unsure about how to clean them, bring them to a specialized leather cleaner who will help you, and show you the right products to use. 

New life to your motorcycle jacket

Treat your motorcycle jacket well and it will last you through plenty of adventures. For the Fuel Rally Jacket, we recommend washing it inside out with similar colors, first making sure to remove any armor or protections and fastening zippers. When washing, don’t use bleach or chlorine, and dry them at 30 degrees (no tumble dry). Avoid fabric softener and dry cleaning.


Jackets with both leather and suede details, such as the Fuel Sidewaze Jacket, should not be soaked in water or washed in a washing machine. You can use specialized leather cleaning products for the leather parts, carefully following the instructions on the product, using a microfiber cloth, and applying gentle pressure only. The suede sections can be cleaned with a suede brush or gum eraser and a suede caring spray for a fresh finish. If in doubt, bring your jacket to a professional leather cleaning service.

Don’t wash away their spirit!

Your motorcycle gear is infused with your memories and adventures and deserves to be well taken care of. Good quality gear can last for a very long time and keep you safe, dry, and comfortable. Riding pants, gloves, and jackets all have their specific care requirements, and once you get the hang of it, it becomes an easy routine to maintain.