Adventurers Wanted - The Coahuila Expedition


If you were following us by the end of October from 2019 you may see we've finally have chosen two groups as winners of the "Adventurers Wanted" program. So a few months later we're back with fresh news about it!

Meet the "Freedom Weekend" crew who went to a round trip through one of the most gorgeous places on Mexico, Coahuila. Press play on the video to see the whole expedition and below you have some words and photos telling you how was everything during the trip.


Day 1 - We began the adventure in the city of Torreón, heading towards Cuatrocienegas, where we visited the Marble Mines, the plaster dunes and the Mezquites River, where we swam and watched the sunset, having one of the highlight moments of the trip. At night we went to have dinner and then returned to the desert to take pictures of the stars. This day we barely began to understand how the dynamics of the trip would be, because we had the task of collecting good material in photography and video, which added a challenge when mixing together a production with a joy trip.

Day 2 - We had the first unforeseen but very common episode on any road trip, a flat tire (there was 5 total in 7 days of travel). Once repaired and after having a production meeting to analyze our next destination, due to the loss of time, we decided to change the original route and go to the Don Martin dam. We arrived at sunset just in time to stop and appreciate the endless view (it’s so big that makes you think that you’re facing the sea). After that, we ate fresh fish and returned to start a fire and drink beer while we talked and enjoyed the night.

Day 3 - Early in the morning, we got up to ride the bikes, we went to roll along the water's edge. Later that day a very friendly local resident named Pilo invited us to ride a boat through the dam and do some fishing, it was the second highlight moment on the trip. Then we returned to have breakfast and pack our stuff to hit the road to Acuña, Coahuila, which is the border with the United States.

While we were driving on the road, we were all surprised by something that we were not prepared for, that the temperature dropped dramatically. We had no choice but wear all the clothes we could, drink coffee wherever we stopped and drinking tequila to get some heat. It was a difficult and heavy ride, the hours were endless and we had no alternative but to move on because we had the time scheduled to do one of the most important activities of the trip, visiting, dressed as Mariachis, the canteen where Robert Rodriguez's movie “Desperado” was filmed along with Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, and Quentin Tarantino. Everything went perfect, we arrived on time, people treated us very kindly and they even took pictures with us. We ordered tacos and tequilas, we had an amazing time.

Day 4 - We got up 5:30 am to take advantage of the day but the cold was stronger than the day before, we were at -1 degree Celsius, so driving at those temperatures was difficult, however that did not stop us from going to our next destination. We arrived with the dawn sun on the edge of the United States border at the “La Amistad Dam”. After spending part of the morning there, we returned to have breakfast in the city, repaired the 3rd flat tire of the trip and embarked on our way to Monclova. We had to discard the next destination (“Las Termas de San Joaquín”) of the trip due to the lack of time. At night we arrived at the hotel and being Halloween that day, the whole production put on masks and went to dinner at a nearby restaurant where they gave us sweets and people laughed to see us there in disguise.

Day 5 - We left early for the Sierra de Arteaga, and this was the best road section of all, there was the sun, good temperature, incredible landscapes, and curves. We arrived at a very good time and went to eat an Asado (typical dish there) that has won prizes and was certainly very tasty. After that we took the motorcycles and went to the hills to ride and have fun, everything was in order until we broke a gearshift lever and decided to return to the cabin. Once there we did what any northern Mexican love to do, grilling and have some beers.

Day 6 - After breakfast and having repaired the gear lever we headed to Parras. This road also gave us beautiful views for any motorcycle enthusiast. Already at our destination, we went to Casa Madero, which is the oldest winery in the entire American continent (since 1597), we did a tour and a wine tasting experience. Then we rode to Santo Madero, which is a church at the top of a hill that has the best view of the city. At night we went to a canteen.

Day 7 - The last day was also one of the best, we headed to “Laguna de Mayran”. It is a place that is completely flat, without any stone, tree or fauna, and with some motorcycles is 100% fun guaranteed, we spend one of the best times driving for hours, doing wheelies, slides, kicks, etc, after 4 hours we decided to return to the starting point of the whole trip, while we still had sunlight. When we arrived, we all went to shower, unpack our bags and headed to a bar with our family and friends to talk about everything that happened in the week, all the stories that came out and remember the good things that happened to us, the perfect closure of a great trip through the state of Coahuila in Mexico