How to choose your summer motorcycle jacket

How to choose your summer motorcycle jacket

The weather is warm, the sun is out, and the skies are clear. Now more than ever, we want to take our bikes for a spin. In hot weather, many make the mistake of opting for riding in just a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. But no matter the season, safety should always come first. However, today’s technical advancements will allow you to ride comfortably regardless of the weather. A good summer motorcycle jacket is designed to both maintain good airflow and also keep you safe. 


We have put together a list of 5 key points to take into account when choosing the right summer motorcycle jacket for you:


Regardless of the season, you should always keep yourself protected. Safety should always be on top of your priorities list. Make sure your motorcycle jacket offers sufficient protection in the right places. Many summer jackets are light, breathable, and still keep you protected.



Strategically placed mesh paneling provides good airflow and is lightweight. The air flows freely and allows for breathability, and keeps the body temperature at a comfortable level.


Lightness and comfort

A heavy, uncomfortable motorcycle jacket will not do you any favors when temperatures are on the rise. When you are looking for a new motorcycle jacket for the summer, comfort should always be among your priorities. 



Ventilation is of the essence in summer jackets. But is the airflow functional? You probably know the feeling of riding your bike, and the airflow flows through the cuffs and makes your jacket inflate like a balloon. Make sure air can flow freely through your jacket at all times.

Style and aesthetics: 

In addition to covering the above points, you don’t want to compromise on style. There are numerous options out there to choose from, and that look good no matter where you ride or how high the temperatures rise. To keep your jacket looking as good as new, make sure to maintain it the way it deserves: check our guide on how to wash your riding gear here. 


With these 5 key points in mind, you’ll find a jacket perfect for conquering the pavement, even on the hottest of days! The Fuel Arizona jacket is designed with all these aspects in mind: a mix of modern materials to keep you safe and traditional ones such as suede that give it that retro look. It keeps you cool in the summer sun and is both comfortable and light.