To leave the main road you need the right motorbike. Not the perfect one, but simply your own - the one that makes you breezy and sets you free. You know that for Fuel that’s always a good scrambler! This is the style that influenced the design of our Sergeant 2 Pants

If you’re also thinking about building one, here are some tips to help you choose the right base. First, it’s not only about setting a budget, playing with your imagination, or starting an endless rendering session. What you will really need is… time - quality time! Working on a customized project requires patience, and the process should be a source of creativity and high spirits, not stress. Having said that, let’s see the two best choices you can make…


On the second-hand market, research based on building and mechanical features will make your work easier, and double or single cradle frames are the most practical - these include the Italian Guzzi V35 and V65, the German two-valve BMW R series, or the British Triumph Bonneville. Among the Japanese, we find the Honda XR 650, Dominator, SLR, Yamaha XS 400/650, XT 500/600, SR 400/500, Kawasaki KLR 650, W 650/800, Suzuki DR-Z 400 and DR 650. Despite being somehow different, these different motorbikes have some perfect features:

  • Frames that can be combined with new tanks and superstructures
  • Compact engines (one or twin-cylinder)
  • Perfect suspension geometry

  • These might be the “canvas” of your own masterpiece, as long as you are willing to put in time, effort, and a decent amount of manual skill.


    Although it is quite uncommon and a diametrically opposed alternative, turning to the first or newer second-hand market might be an option, especially because, as half a decade ago, manufacturers today offer scrambler-like models ready for use such as Ducati Scrambler and similar models, Moto Morini Scrambler, Triumph Scrambler and the like, BMW R Nine T, Fantic Caballero, Benelli Leoncino and others. Although this will not be a deep customization, it allows people with not enough time or expertise to enjoy life sooner. No trouble, then! We will still have fun resorting to the galaxy of plug & play components provided by established manufacturers, which assures us an unprecedented amount of choice and customization, but most importantly … no hassle with homologation processes and technical inspections!