Faces Of Scram Africa - James Barette


This week we present to you another episode of Faces of Scram Africa, this time with the testimonial from James Barette, originally coming from Jersey / Channel Islands, he tells us about how dug a bike and makes that suitable to ride at The Scram Africa! Read below his words


I'd lost interest in bikes after spending a big chunk of my life racing motocross and supermoto both in France and the UK from the age of 6 to 25. My interest in motorsport was still alive but my desire to ride was non-existent. A friend of mine who recently got into bikes suggested a rally across Morocco which at first just seemed a crazy idea. I looked up the Fuel brand and watched videos of Scram Africa from previous years which instantly grabbed my attention. And so it began...... looking for the right bike, purchasing new protective wear and riding apparel. I run a construction business so time is precious and after 2 months of unsuccessful searching, I decided to get in touch with RHCC in Poland. Redu, the RHCC owner, was very familiar with Scram Africa and knew exactly what bike to build me. Before I knew it I was fully committed!

As the start date edged closer I could feel my excitement growing. With the bikes in the back of the van, myself and Joel left Jersey with a big drive ahead of us. It took us three days to drive to Marrakesh and we arrived safely at the hotel. My experience with anyone involved in bikes or motorsport generally has always been good. And the Scram 2019 was not going to be any different. Good people with one common interest, riding into the unknown with the wind in your face and a smile that gets bigger every time you pull that throttle! Totally different from racing, from the moment we left the hotel I can truly say, from start to finish, the best time I've had on a motorcycle. I always got a buzz out of racing but this was different. It wasn't about being the quickest or arriving first, all about the experience and soaking up every last drop of culture, scenery and enjoying the camaraderie between the other 24 people you've met the day before. Safe to safe it didn't take long to re-ignite my love for motorcycles. I'd very quickly found my passion for riding again by the end of the first day.

Scram Africa is the perfect escape for anyone with an interest in bikes. The perfect antidote to everyday stresses of life. I was hesitant to book my place because its the unknown but would advise anyone 110% to click that button. You create new friendships and create memories to last a lifetime! The Fuel Motorcycles crew are super friendly and I always felt reassured by the team around you. Excellent people, excellent route, excellent hotels, and camping...Unforgettable trip!