Fuel Inspirational Tuesdays -An American Adventure The Rocket Pilots

This week in the Inspirational Tuesdays we bring you a documentary about the pioneers of space exploration. On the 50th anniversary of the moon landing we need to remember and pay tribute to the first men who jumped into a rocket with a seat and hoped for the best defying a most certain death. 

This documentary produced in 1981 covers the history of rocket planes from the Bell X-1 to the iconic X-15 and the test pilots who flew them, culminating finally with the Space Shuttle.The film features exclusive interviews with Chuck Yeager, Scott Crossfield, John Young, Robert Crippen and more. An emphasis is placed on the adventures and stories of the test pilots of Edwards Air Force Base, and how engineers of the era helped to develop the hardware and technical data that were eventually used by NASA in the design of the Space Shuttle.