Introducing Fuel's Rally Raid collection, inspired by the Paris - Dakar Rally

Introducing Fuel's Rally Raid collection, inspired by the Paris - Dakar Rally

“A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay.” - Thierry Sabine 

Fuel's "Rally Raid" collection is inspired by the early years of the Paris - Dakar Rally, which came to fruition when Thierry Sabine got lost on his motorbike in the Libyan desert. The Rally urged an entire generation of riders to throw their helmets into the race and discover new terrains and landscapes. We wanted to pay tribute to the riders and organizers who made this ultimate adventure experience possible, and evoke the nostalgia of its heyday!

Take risks. Push yourself. And inspire others to follow in your tracks. 

Check out our "Rally Raid" collection, which blends classic vintage looks with the best of modern riding technology!


Fuel’s “Rally Raid” jacket is all about bringing that sense of adventure to your rides. Expertly-crafted to the highest specifications, it will allow you to Leave The Main Road in maximum comfort and protection. The jacket meditates on the spirit of the heroes of a golden era whose goals were to embark on life-changing adventures, not just to win races. The call of the wild was never far from their hearts, and it’s never far from ours either. 

Available in Rally Raid Blue and Rally Raid White, this jacket is for the adrenaline junkies out there. The cotton exterior design includes red, black, and blue stripes across the chest and a Rally Raid badge, so there’s no mistaking celebration of adventure. “Fuel” is etched into the left-hand side of the chest in a white scroll. 

The jacket has two sealed pockets with poppers on the front, and one large pocket on the back, as well as an inner document pocket in the left interior. Suede details flank the elbows and the upper left arm is detailed with a Fuel logo. Made with a waterproof membrane interlayer and a removable 125g Thermo liner, the “Rally Raid” jacket will also protect you against the elements. 

This garment was produced using Smoothways CE level 2 body armor at the elbow, shoulder, and spine for your protection. Come on, let’s ride together and discover new horizons!  


These pants are the perfect combo for the “Rally Raid” jacket. Made with the same technical specifications and unique design as the jacket, they will transport you back to when adventure riding ruled. Stepping into these pants is like boarding a time machine - and you choose the destination. 

Your skin will be safe from harm thanks to a Kevlar anti-abrasion layer, and a waterproof membrane interlayer will keep you dry when riding in wet conditions. Available in Rally Raid Blue and Rally Raid White, these pants come with leather details at the bottom of the inner leg, and leather straps on the outer. The specially-crafted design allows them to be worn over boots. 

Vintage style without compromise. The “Rally Raid” pants are produced with Smoothways CE level 2 knee and hip armor so you can ride with peace of mind. Can you hear the call of adventure? 


Fuel’s lightweight “Rally Raid” Enduro gloves are your perfect summer ride companions. They are made using 75% leather, mixed with other technical fabrics to achieve a comfortable and safe finish. Available in one color to match both “Rally Raid” combos. 

The top side of the glove has an overall black finish, with small blue, black, and red stripes across each knuckle. Fuel’s logo is sewn into each corner. The bottom side of each glove contains a cow-like white and brown leather pattern, with black index and middle fingertips and white cross-stitching. The gloves have short cuffs with velcro for fastening. So hold on tight, it’s going to be a wild ride!


Our jerseys have been designed specifically for the aggressive adventure riders out there. They have been tested under the toughest conditions and came out on top against nature’s hostile elements! 

There are two “Rally Raid” jerseys to choose from: Rally Raid Blue (with white neckline and sleeves, and blue cuffs), or Rally Raid White (with blue neckline and cuffs). Emblazoned across the chest of both jerseys are the trademark red, black, and blue stripes, alongside “Fuel” in a lowercase scroll. The right sleeve of both designs carries a Rally Raid badge and a Fuel Motorcycles logo. 

Ride in style and remain comfortable in a wide range of conditions and temperatures thanks to High IQ® Cool Comfort technology. The jerseys’ body-mapped fabric placement transports moisture away from the body and accelerates evaporation, while also achieving a soft quick-dry/dry-touch feeling. And hard-to-clean stains? A thing of the past thanks to the jerseys’ easy wash material. All that’s left to do is Leave the Main Road…


Complete your look with Fuel’s “Rally Raid” cap. The cap’s front is made from 100% white cotton and includes an embroidered Fuel logo on the pre-curved brim. The back is made of 100% black polyester with a mesh effect for increased breathability. 


Functionality meets vintage style with our “Rally Raid” Water Bladder Bag. The throwback design will give you all those nostalgic feelings whilst acting as your go-to riding bag. There are no other white bags like this on the market right now. 

Measuring at 18in x 9in x 2in and made from 600D polyester, the lightweight bag comes adorned with Fuel Motorcycles and Rally Raid badges, as well as red, black, and blue front straps. Additional pockets offer plenty of space to store essential items such as keys, wallets, and phones. Chest and waist straps can be easily adjusted to match your physical requirements. It also comes with a replaceable 3L water bladder bag inside.