Military boots throughout time

Military boots throughout time

The Fuel Paratroops boots have a history that stretches far back in time. During warfare, boots have always been an essential piece of gear in a soldier’s attire. The importance of good gear and especially adequate footwear has always proven to be a crucial part of success in combat. It has also been important in maintaining morale among the troops in adverse weather conditions: we all know how miserable we can feel with cold or wet feet.


1. Military boots throughout time

Military boots have kept improving throughout the different wars, with the U.S. Army leading the way. In WWI, they began using the “trench boot,” also known as Pershing boot, which was an essential improvement to any previous war boots. But the trench boot still wasn’t water-resistant. The design was eventually improved to make them resistant to water, but they became much heavier and hence got the nickname “little tanks.” WWII brought along further improvements in design, with canvas leggings, but they resulted in being difficult to put on and take off and offered little protection.


2. M43 Double Buckle Combat Boots

Towards the end of WWII, innovative new boots were introduced, the M-43 double buckle combat boots. They offered sophisticated details where a part of the leather was reversed with the rough side outwards to better absorb waterproofing oils and withstand wear and tear. They also had a higher top, where leather replaced the leggings and were closed with buckles and straps.

The M43 combat boots were worn by paratroopers and also infantry, and when supply was short, the Paratrooper Jump boots were issued also to other units, much to the dismay of the paratroopers. The boots were highly sought after due to the status of the airborne units. Some soldiers were ready to do anything to get their hands on them. Eventually the paratroopers moved on to another type of boots, since the double buckles had a tendency to get caught in the parachute risers, which could be dangerous for the jumper. 

3. Fuel Paratroops

The comfort and protection of the M43 Combat Boots are unmatched. Here at Fuel, we took the best features of these classic boots, combined them with modern technology, and made the perfect Paratroops boots to be your “brother in arms” wherever you go. They have been adapted to challenging conditions on your bike, with an extra layer of leather to reinforce the left foot, to protect from wear and tear from the gear lever. The toe, ankle, and heel have also been reinforced with polyurethane to protect from possible impact.

The Paratroops boots are made with high-quality leather, with heavy-duty buckles, frontal impact protection in the cap toe, and a high wear-resistant and anti-slip sole.

Get your boots on, and get ready for the road, in comfort and style!