Rescue Collection: a limited edition for nostalgic riders

Rescue Collection: a limited edition for nostalgic riders

We launched two new water-resistant and breathable items; both made with oilskin cotton. The Rescue raincoat is inspired by mountaineering smocks from the mid-twentieth century and can be worn on top of a motorcycle jacket or off-road armor. The Peak vest takes its inspiration from WW2 pilot life jackets and comes equipped with a 3l hydration pack, perfect for off-road use or adventure travels.

Rescue Raincoat - Unique and timeless aesthetic

The Rescue raincoat is crafted from oiled canvas for water-resistant durability and is ideal for wearing on top of a motorcycle jacket or armor. Influenced by mid-century mountaineering smocks, this raincoat has a unique and timeless aesthetic, and with time its appearance will only improve.


The Rescue raincoat is ideal for off-road adventures, with a design that is very different from anything currently on the market. 



Peak Vest - Inspired by WW2 pilot jackets

The Peak Vest, a light and water-resistant oilskin cotton vest, comes complete with multiple front pockets and a compartment with a 3l hydration pack in the back. The versatile vest is designed for off-road use and for adventure travels to stay hydrated. Inspiration to this vest has been drawn from WW2 pilot jackets, meant to be manually inflated if falling into the water. 

This is why you can see the phrases “Tube for hydration” and “Keep closed after use” stamped next to the hydration pack. It comes in a numbered edition, which means each vest is unique.



New PEAK & Rescue Goggles!

This collection couldn't be created without any goggles, isn't it?

  • Tensile and elastic polyurethane.
  • Very light and flexible even in the most extreme conditions.
  • Frame lateral inner space increased thus letting you wearing eyeglasses without any problems.
  • Maximum visibility.
  • Washable with water and neutral soap.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Compatible with all types of helmets. 


The Rescue Collection will be available in selected stores and online from May 20th onwards.