The story begins with Henry Jones, a businessman born in Birmingham in 1890. The great war left a bad taste in his mouth and completely disappointed by the society that surrounds him, he decides to change his life. He decides to go to New York and takes his steed with him. He has to prepare him for a life on the edge...

Bast*rd is here.

We spoke with Luca, the creator of "The bastard", that together with Triumph Italia has created this beauty, ready for the Gentleman's Ride.

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Who is Luca Ravezzani?

I am a guy with a strong passion for the world of motors. For more than five years, I have enjoyed sharing my life on 2 and 4 wheels by creating videos and photos relating to my activities. I share the same experiences on social media, entertaining a large audience of fans with increasingly cinematic and dynamic videos.

2. When did your passion for motorcycles start? Which was your first motorcycle?

My passion for motorcycles began five years ago with my first motorcycle, a 4-stroke Yamaha WR125X. With her, I started recording my first videos and sharing my adventures.

3. What is Noisy Style?

Noisystyle is a reality concept born by two partners, Luca and Matteo, who have decided to allow motorcyclists to make their motorcycles and lifestyle unique. We talk about the personalization projects on social networks (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook) where our audience follows us closely, and we entertain the audience with episodes, photos, and social content.

4. SCRAMBLER 1200 XC - How was the project born?

The scrambler project stems from the need to customize a Scrambler 1200 together with Triumph. We wanted to present the bike at the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, and so we did. We told the story of the project with three videos on Youtube in which we told the story of Henry Jones, a well-known businessman from Birmingham who decides to leave his homeland to do business in New York. However, he finds himself fighting prohibition, thus having to build a motorcycle that would allow him to carry contraband alcohol. "The Bastard" Scrambler is carefully customized in the style of the '30s.

5. Why did you choose the inspiration of the '30s? Where did the idea come from?

The idea of the 30s was born out of the passion for those years, of those particular and unique costumes. A motorcycle with this history had never been seen before.

6. What were the most significant changes to the bike?

Exclusively vintage aesthetics. The leather details, the raw finishes, and the brass details make the bike vintage and precious. The quality of the finishes makes the difference.

7. What challenges did you have? Any unforeseen event that made you think you wouldn't make it on time?

Probably the creation of the side tank for gin. It was complex and fun to create.

8. Tell us a little about the initiative to collaborate with DGR.

I think it's the coolest world motorcycle rally ever. United by the passion and charitable purpose that unites all of us gentlemen.

9. How did the Fuel gear perform for you and your project?

Fuel clothing allowed us to create the perfect Henry Jones character and create the actors of the scene. Quality vintage clothing that makes anyone unique.

10. What will be your next customization?

It's a secret. Follow us to find out more!